An Intuitive Art Journey – Part 1 & 2


Get ready to unlock your inner artist, embrace personal growth, and explore the power of emergence through art. Join us for a captivating 3-hour workshop that will ignite your creativity and take you on a journey of self-discovery.

About the Workshop...

In the “Emergence: Intuitive Art Workshop,” you are invited to delve into the depths of your imagination, tapping into your intuition to create an expressive collage that embodies personal growth, transformation, and the beauty of emerging into new possibilities.

Ignite your Creativity: Unleash your artistic expression and explore new avenues of creativity through collage, a versatile medium that allows for endless possibilities.

Self-Discovery: Gain insights into your own personal journey of growth and transformation, visually representing your experiences of emergence.

Mindfulness and Presence: Immerse yourself in the present moment, fostering a sense of mindfulness and deep connection with your artistic process.

Community and Connection: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals, sharing stories, insights, and creative inspiration.

Cultivate Mindfulness


Community and connection

Ignite your Creativity

What to Expect:

Guided Meditation: Begin the workshop with a grounding meditation, allowing you to connect with your inner self and set the mindful tone for the creative journey ahead.

Intuitive Collage Creation: Engage in the tactile art of collage, using various materials and techniques to craft visual narratives that represent your unique experiences of emergence.

Theme Exploration: Reflect on the concept of emergence, exploring your personal stories of transformation and embracing the unknown as a catalyst for growth.

Supportive Environment: Our workshop provides a safe and non-judgmental space, fostering connection, and encouraging open sharing and discussion among participants.

Who can attend:

This workshop is open to individuals of all artistic levels, from beginners to experienced artists. No prior artistic experience is necessary—just an open mind and a willingness to explore the depths of your creativity.

About your Guide:

Hi, my name is Birte. As an intuitive artist, I have found that when we let go of our preconceived ideas and allow our creativity to flow freely, we often uncover hidden parts of ourselves and tap into a deeper level of authenticity.

“I endeavour to create a fertile space for creative expression with a demonstration of collage making, music and one-on-one instruction as needed.” – Birte

The Studio


Atelier Mamülei
Parkallee 41b
22926 Ahrensburg


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Workshop – Part 1
Sunday, June 2nd,
11 am – 2 pm

Workshop – Part 2
Sunday, June 9th
11 am – 2 pm

What others say...

“Thank you very much for the beautiful workshop. I really enjoyed the creative and intuitive process again and I am fascinated by what came out of it and how effortlessly a meaningful intention emerged in the end. Simply wonderful. I feel wonderfully inspired and am already very much looking forward to the next art journey together."
Ivonne Z.
“You are wonderful and very inspiring! Thank you!!!!"
Daniela W.
I loved the concept and also the fact that it was not in any way outcome-oriented. I had the chance to just be me.
Johanna F.

Ignite your creativity, nurture your personal growth, and celebrate the power of emergence

There will be two workshops exploring the theme of Emergence:
Part 1 – Sunday, June 2nd
Part 2 – Sunday, June 9th

Each workshop can be attended individually, however, if you are seeking deeper guidance and more time for your artwork you are invited to attend both workshops.

Limited Spots Available:
To ensure a personalized and immersive experience, we have only 8 spots available. Secure your spot today by clicking the button below and reserve your place in this transformative journey of emergence.June

About the Process

The Spirit&Heart Art guided journey is an intuitive art process, that offers you a space in which you can just be. It allows you to start a conversation with your inner being. The process can be light and playful, sometimes meditative or deeply moving and powerful. As the space opens up and expands, you connect to your intuition and are able to realize where your journey might lead you. 

“The goal is not to create a work of art but to use the process of creation and art-making, as a way to begin a conversation with yourself”.

Throughout the 3-hour workshop, I will guide you through a series of mindfulness and creative exercises, as you learn to connect with and express your creative energy. We will seek to engage both sides of the brain and invite in mistakes, intuition, and spontaneity while exploring colour, texture, design, risk, and soul. You will be given time for experimentation with new tools, mediums and techniques.

When you make art, you let a creative life-force energy move through you. This workshop offers you a safe space to explore your unique creative energy. You’ll learn how to access your true soul’s expression and cultivate the courage and confidence to express yourself fully. As you create, your own inner wisdom is illuminated and your path becomes clear. 

The Spirit & Heart Art Journey is designed for people from all disciplines and skill levels.  All you need is the desire to connect with your creative spirit and your unique vision, and the courage to express yourself.

Create & Nurture