Mindful Morning

Creating New Habits

“Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been, for who you can become.”
Hal Elrod (author, Miracle Morning)


Throughout our lives we adopt certain patterns. Habits and general ways of being. These habits are formed through past experiences, 
or likes and dislikes. Whilst some habits may be supportive, others create rigidity and limitations. Holding on tightly to old habits as you are trying to grow can cause barriers to your growth.

The perception of what is possible is limited by what
has been, in the past.

To stay in line with what is uplifting us most in our present experience, we must remain open to new possibilities, allowing ourselves to get playful, creative, and even messy or silly sometimes, as we release the habits that no longer serve us and explore something new.

The past months have been all about breaking up routines for me. As my son is away in the USA I have had space to rethink habits that have dominated my life as a working mother for the last 17 years. And so I have re-looked at my nutrition, my sport, and my morning routine, asking myself if this is still in line with how I want to live now and in the future. And it got me to thinking that habits should be reviewed annually, together with without our goals, because perhaps it is an old habit that stops us from achieving that new goal we have set?

This is where mindfulness practices such as meditation and art-making can support us in releasing old habits and recognizing and embracing new habits.