Mindful Morning

Envision Your Future

“Create your future, from your future.
not your past”
– Werner Erhard (author)

July 2022

pen, paper or journal, magazine

We begin this session with a creative exercise:
Set your timer for 1 min and draw a map of a journey you have recently taken.

When we are young, imagination plays a prevalent role in our lives. As we get older, however, we begin to feel that using our imagination too much, is childish or silly

In the meditation, we’ll reconnect with our imagination and discover, how it can help us create the future we want, turning us toward joy in the here and now.

Ask yourself, if I could spend my days any way I choose, how would I spend them?

What would you do with your time if it was completely yours?

As you begin to imagine this, don’t concern yourself with whether or not it’s realistic, make it your ideal vision, your perfect day, have fun with it.

As you imagine all these beautiful things, bring your attention into your heart space, right in the middle of your chest.

How does it feel? Do you feel a sense of expansion, or excitement, or liberation, a sense of connection? 

Ask yourself, how can bring this same quality, feeling, into your life now.

When you focus on what makes your heart sing, you bring this quality of joy and happiness, into the here and now, where you are creating your future, moment by moment.

After the meditation have a pen, paper and magazine nearby, so that you can start journaling immediately after the meditation.

Give yourself 3-5 min to complete this exercise. Set a timer on your phone. Putting yourself under time pressure, allows you to stay spontaneous, and helps you to remain in your heart versus your head.

The music in the background can be found here: Manifest Love & Harmony