Mindful Morning

Creating Mandala's

The Hindu word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means circle. A geometric shape that radiates from the centre to the outer edges.

Throughout the centuries, people in diverse cultures have used mandalas for meditation, introspection, healing and as an expression of joy. 

Try this as a first exercise 
Look at the individual mandalas on above. 

Try to connect with each mandala by first looking into the centre and then following the energetic radiation outwards. 

Pay attention to the way and intensity in which the energy radiates outwards.

Mandalas often have a sense of rhythm, naturalness, design and repetition – but they can also be completely irregular.

Notice the energy and the intrinsic quality that each mandala evokes. Consider how the mandala was created and what materials, if any, were used.

Collect or take photos of different mandalas in your environment, either at home or in nature.

As a next step, take your favourite mandala and draw it on a piece of paper, starting from the inside out, outlines only.

When you have finished the outlines, start colouring in the shapes. Have fun! Please send me a foto or a video at hello@birtethurow.de or link me on Instagram @birtethurow

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