Mindful Morning

Your Inner Power

Because you are alive, everything is possible.

Thích Nhất Hạnh is a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet and peace activist


In this Mindful Morning we explore Your Inner Power.

We begin with a creative exercise to warm-up

Set a timer for 1 minute.

Draw 5 things that have the colour YELLOW, e.g., a sunflower. What else can you think of?

Next, is a journaling exercise. Set yourself a timer for 5 min, and answer the following questions as spontaneously and intuitively as possible. 

  1. Describe a life event that played an important role in shaping who you are today
  2. Write about a family member or role model who has influenced your life.
  3. What would your younger self like about you today?
  4. List 5 things you think you’re good at or like about yourself
  5. List 5 things your friends, family or colleagues would say you’re good at

Your Inner Power is a quiet force within you, it does not need to be loud or abrasive, it is the inherent knowing that you are strong, you are powerful and you are capable.

You might feel it as the force inside of you that knows when to take action and gives you the strength to do so.

Yellow is the colour of the 3 Chakra, your solar plexus or Manipura. It is situated at the naval center, just above your belly button. This space is the center of your self-worth, your confidence, and your inner fire. The fire that burns here, clears away obstacles, adversity, and anything that is not serving you

In the meditation, we work with affirmations to begin to connect with this inner power and access the courage that lies within us. Let the following affirmations guide you –  repeating them silently or out loud:




The music in the background, can be found here: Solar Plexus Chakra healing music

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