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“I invite you to breathe newness into your day today, and every day”

In this week’s Mindful Morning we explored embracing the new and developing moments in your life, opening up to changing perspectives.

As an artist, I am always seeking to change perspective, seeking newness, yet simultaneously, I have a deep desire for stability and the safety of routines. Finding a balance between these two, is a continuous process. The process of art-making provides a safe space for me to explore my boundaries.

During the Mindful Morning, I took the students through a simple creative exercise using magazine images, to help them gain a better understanding of where they may be putting limitations upon themselves and simple action steps they can take to change something and overcome limitations. The power of the exercise lies in the visualisation of the new.

After the creative exercise, I guided the group in exploring meditation as a tool for embracing the new. Every day is an opportunity to start again and renew your perspective. Each of us is recreated in every moment of every day. This magic of unlimited possibility exists within all of us. To be renewed in every moment is a continuous practice in releasing limitations.

Questions to contemplate:
What limitations am I putting on myself?
Where do I feel blockages most present in my life?
What are the stories I tell myself each day?
Allow answers to arise naturally. I always remind the group that there is no right or wrong answer.

Using the power of Mantra’s, which help to shift vibrational energy during the mediation, helping to release blocks:
Meaning: I am the reality of infinite possibilities


If you are interested in learning more about how art and meditation can help you experience more joy, inspiration and well-being, then please join me next Friday for Mindful Morning
Sessions take place in English and German

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